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Then live within a new paradigm. If you are not satisfied with the consciousness of your group, seek to change it. Having thus created an entire thought system about God based on human experience rather than spiritual truths, you then create an entire reality around love.

It could be a little uncomfortable now conversatilns then. You are told you are not to use for personal gratification something which is intensely personally gratifying! It is your sole purpose.

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Then this book happened to me. A thing is only right or wrong because you say it is. An animal—which you consider a lower form of life even though animals act with more integrity and greater consistency than humans —knows immediately if you are afraid of it. So far, so good. It may serve you, however, to be aware of consequences. You are ignoring the fact that, however wonderful life after death may be, our lives here should not be ended against our will. This book is about truth.

I am the beginning of your first thought.

They are the highest living expression of it in your world. It is a fear-based reality, rooted in the idea of a fearful, vengeful God. So Hitler was sent to us to provide us a lesson about the horrors man can commit, the levels to which man can sink? There is no time.

You are using all of Life—all of many lives—to be and decide Who You Really Are; to choose and to create Who You Really Are; to experience and to fulfill your current idea about yourself. The world is the way it is because it could not be godd other way and still exist in the gross realm of physicality. Have they not reminded you that ebok are to be seen and not heard?

For the highest promise of God proceeds from evook highest love. In addition to this general thanks to all of my teachers, I wish to acknowledge the following particular individuals for their gifts to my life: The greatest challenge as human beings is to Be Here Now, to stop making things up! It cannot be, for it is not My plan that you shall be separated from Me forever and ever. For thousands of dowload people have disbelieved the promises of God for the most extraordinary reason: God knew that for love to exist—and to know itself as pure love—its exact opposite had to exist as well.

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For I have come to you, in this form, right now, in answer to your call. There will be another so-called Big Pff, and another universe will be born. It is the secret of all life. I find the words in this book at once captivating, disturbing, challenging, uplifting. Who makes the rules? For you shall not be able to deny Me forever, and the moment will come for our Reconciliation.

It conversatiosn a wave, a vibration, a pulsation at the very heart of the All That Is.

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In the absolute there is no experience, only knowing. And if we can agree that I must have put them into place, why would I put into place such laws—then give you the power to overcome them?

For Spirituality may bring you to a different conclusion than a particular religion—and this no known religion can tolerate. Love sponsors fear sponsors love sponsors fear….