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This section deals with hardware-caused crashes and crashes that are software-related, but might be mistaken as hardware problems. Troubleshooting Modules, Cables, and Connections. The router might experience a continuous loop that can be due to a hardware issue. The router returns the compressed image checksum is incorrect message and attempts to reload, and reports the event as a software-forced crash:.

In order to identify the issue, the first step is to capture as much information about the problem as possible. An exception to this is when CRC and frame errors are configuratiob on channelized interfaces.

This section provides examples and troubleshooting pd to determine which piece of hardware causes the continuous configyration. The router fails to load a previously saved configuration. This document also provides information to help you identify which component causes a hardware failure.

If ignores only increase on one interface and are not followed by an increment of the no buffer counter, and the interface is not heavily loaded, then this interface can be faulty.

The number of preconfigured permanent, free, and maximum allowed buffers might not be completely configurahion for every environment.

If the timer is not reset, a trap occurs. The troubleshooting techniques differ slightly for different interface types. It is recommended that you monitor the router for 24 hours to make sure that the router continues to function without experiencing the issue again. A normal state means that the router is functional, passes traffic, and you are able to gain access to the router. If the problem persists, 28800 the router.

If a process is longer than it should be, the watchdog timer is used to escape from this process. In other words, the console screen hangs after a certain point. You can use the Output Interpreter tool registered customers only to display potential xonfiguration and fixes. It is important to collect the show technical-support command information downlozd you perform a reload or power-cycle as these actions can cause the loss of all information about the issue.

A Series Router might experience a router hang. In order to resolve this, you can load a new image onto the router.

If ignores are present on all interfaces, then the router is probably overloaded with traffic, 2800 it does not have sufficient free buffers in the configurxtion that match the maximum transmission unit MTU on interfaces. If you want to keep the same features as the version that currently runs on your router, but you do not know which feature set you use, issue the show version command from your Cisco device, and paste it in the Output Interpreter Tool.

Cisco Series Router Hardware Troubleshooting – Cisco

For confituration, if a router is connected to a switch, the troubleshooting steps are:. Input queue drops are never caused by hardware problems.

These error messages usually indicate a hardware failure. Copy a valid image onto the Flash in order to resolve this.

Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Router

Troubleshooting BRI Layer 2. You must be logged in and have JavaScript enabled in order to use this tool. Verify that the baud rate is set to bps.

This is an example:. If that does not resolve the issue, replace the power cord. Both of these are potential software issues and need further investigation based on their symptoms.

The CPU periodically resets a watchdog timer. There are two main types of watchdog timeouts.

These sections from Troubleshooting Cisco Series Routers are useful:. Hangs are not necessarily hardware issues and most of the time, they are a software issue.

The first type is usually caused by a software problem and is reported in one or both of these ways:. Console captures that show the error messages Console captures that show the troubleshooting steps taken and the boot sequence during each step The hardware component that failed and the serial number for the chassis Troubleshooting logs Output from the show technical-support command. Hardware-Software Compatibility and Memory Requirements. Cisco Series Hardware Installation.

This document does not cover any software-related failures except for those that are often mistaken as hardware issues.

This information is essential to help you determine the cause of the problem:. If that does not help, verify that the equipment used to connect to the console operates properly.

Then, you need to use the TAC Service Request Tool registered customers only to create a service request in order to resolve the hardware issue.