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The restaurant prides itself in having passionate and talented corporate workers. Copeland began franchising in when a new restaurant opened up in in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Doing so really ads a certain amount of professionalism and shows that you are serious pf landing a position with the company.

Since Popeyes is not a 5 Star restaurant you will not need to overdress in something such as a suit.

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The shift manager is responsible for all crew members, make sure the shift runs smoothly, and makes sure that the cash drawer stays in balance. Here is an example of what the Popeyes Application looks like. These positions are entry-level and typically do not come with any past experience or advanced education. Stretching the truth or lieing about things such as your past work history can really come back to hurt you. Also keep in mind that it is equally important to dress nice when turning in your Popeyes application.

The restaurant offers several difference positions for their applying crew members.

Many times they take the order and pass it on to a crew member who may prepare the food and give it to a front end crew member to bag up. This mock interview will replicate the scenario that you are going to be a part of.

In answering all questions on the Popeyes application it is important to be truthful and honest. The form includes basic information that you will find on pretty much all fast food applications. Arabi, Louisiana is a suburb of New Orleans in St. Follow Up — Unless you were immediately hired after your interview it is important to follow up with the restaurant. In the business world upper management is always looking for the absolute best applicant for a position.

Chose The Right Position — This is pretty much common sense.

Popeyes is known as the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant. Many more popular interview questions and answers can be found online through a quick Google search. To these companies your application is their very first impression of you. This especially goes for those with felonies or a criminal past. The crew member helps applicatiln wait on the customers, prepare foods, or clean up while working their shift. Doing so will help you answer questions faster thus making you appear to be sharp and quick.

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Be Friendly and Personable — Since a big part of your job will be interacting with numerous customers every day, it is important tnterview hat you come off as personable to the employee who is interviewing you.

For women it is acceptable appkication wear a nice dress or a dress skirt with a blouse. So you could spend a few hours working the cashier, then move to the cook position for a little while, and then the porter position…. Also keep in mind most companies ask you to not enter personal references such as friends or family.

This is a straight forward position can be learned in a single day of employee training. There also may be specific instruction for things such as references where they ask you to provide business references as apposed to personal references such as your family. They are the head haunchos that take care of duties such as hiring and employee schedules. It will also give you some added confidence. It is notable that some restaurant do not offer single designated positions.

From there the ambitious employee can aim for higher responsibility positions such as manager. They need basic information such as your name, social security number, and address. They are expected to take the orders at the counter and pass them back to one of the crew members who is preparing the famous Popeyes foods and then bag it up and serve it to the customer. Use The Right References — As with all job forms, the references section is a very important part of the Popeyes application.

Popeyes Job Application – Apply Today

Working at Popeyes gives you an excellent chance to start a career with a successful and fast growing company. Qualifications dowmload these positions are obviously more demanding and will often require a college degree and or past corporate experience.

So remember keep a smile and a perky upbeat attitude during your interview.