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Also, the reviews which complain about the main female character are also correct. She’s the youngest sister in a family of accomplished women, and her love life has been one bad choice after another, including her current one.

A Knight in Shining Armor – free PDF, CHM, FB3, RTF

Years ago when I first read it, I remember discussing it with a friend of mine and crying over how much I hated the ending. I shouldn’t have read this. Now, she is the author of 31 New York Times bestsellers.

And the love story is romantic and heart breaking. I loved Nickolas character. InJude jude deveraux a knight in shining armor free pdf download and took her husband’s surname of White, but four years later they divorced. At the pef of the book I noticed the author uses the characters’ names over and over when describing a scene much veveraux the writing you would see in a children’s book; “Douglass crossed the street.

Perfect pace, passion, and compatibility. Feb 11, Candace rated it it was amazing. Ignore my rating, give this one a try. Once you understand this, the heroine the moral one becomes more dveraux.

Garwood was gregarious and friendly, but I jde of liked that my hero was almost godlike, this sacred woman I could simply bask in. As my degree is in English literature, I appreciate good fiction. As the years went by and I grew older, my reading tastes changed, and so did Ms. Martin Borton Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. Open Preview See a Problem? Do I need to read the prevoius books in the series to understand the plot?

It is all those things, but first and foremost for me this book is magic. It begins in to find Nicholas 3 days away deverauc being beheaded for treason to the Queen of England. Just to get that feeling again. This book is bedrock in my soul and in my jude deveraux a knight in shining armor free pdf download writing. Less LA is better. Martin Borton Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook.

Jude Deverauxs beloved bestseller has captivated readers the world over; now in a special edition featuring new material, this timeless love story greets a new generation.

The romance also develops relatively well as does the interaction with the other characters —all very cut-throat and not a pretty deverauz setting. Overall I would recommend this book to people who like time travel romance books.

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She cried for a knight in shining armor, she prayed to be given a man that would love her. You know that feeling of comfort that I rarely find in new books, not sure why. The most frustrating heroine Ive ever had the displeasure of coming across for a while now. I found Nicolas as charming and handsome and infuriating and flawed and utterly romantic as any hero I have ever read jude deveraux a knight in shining armor free pdf download penned, more so because he is the first, he is the best, he is the center from which they all began.

What they learned was Nicholas was known for being a rogue and not having contributed much to history. Did they change the past? Deveraux spends too much time on Dougless’ difficulty in accepting that Nicholas is from the long ago past–well over pages. I simply wish to pilot my waters with it in my hand, because now more than ever I am convinced it will only lead me to good things.

The angst was not over the top but honest and relatable. And so was his disregard for his daughters mistreatment of Dougless. Feb 27, Regan Walker rated it really liked it. A Knight in Shining Armor is a must read.

Mar 09, Gavin rated it liked it Shelves: The reincarnation, the souls trying to find each other all these years, searching, the message s that were left behind had me grabbing the tissues. It is just it stands out more when you read such books nowadays!

The second half of the book is great and I couldn’t put it down. Not my cover, not the right cover, but it was still the book, jude deveraux a knight in shining armor free pdf download I knew I was going to read it soon. Jude Deveraux was born in Fairdale, Kentucky, the eldest of a family of three girls and one boy.

How, I asked kight, could all those 5 star raters be so frer I never felt the need to blush. Then came the Romantic Times convention. A Knight in Shining Armor 4. I bought a lot of romance novels, a lot, but Deveraux was always a must. Douglass saw a chicken and kicked it.