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A distributed database incorporates transaction processing, but it is not synonymous with a transaction processing system.

Distributed Database Management Systems: A Practical Approach – PDF Free Download – Fox eBook

It synchronizes the database periodically and provides access mechanisms by the virtue of which the distribution becomes transparent to the users. Often they represent a single logical database. Data is physically stored across multiple sites.

Each unit requires its own set of local data.

Distributed Database Systems

DDBMS provides a uniform functionality for using the same data among different platforms. A distributed database management system DDBMS is a centralized software system that manages a distributed database in a manner as if it were all stored in a single sydtem. However, in distributed systems, when a component fails, the functioning of the system continues may be at a reduced performance. Users can access data from other sites while the damaged distributed database management system pdf download is being mannagement.

Distributed Database Management Systems: A Practical Approach

A distributed database is a collection of multiple interconnected databases, which are spread physically across various locations that communicate via a computer network. Distributed database systems aid both these processing distribyted providing synchronized data.

Data in each site can be managed by a DBMS independent of the other sites. In the later part of the chapter, we go on to study the factors that lead to distributed databases, its advantages and disadvantages.

On the other hand, in centralized systems, distributed database management system pdf download queries have to pass through the central computer for processing, which increases the response time.

Thus, the overall database of the organization becomes distributed. The processors in the sites are connected via a network. Thus, database failure may distributed database management system pdf download almost inconspicuous to users. Improper data distribution often leads to very slow response to user requests. It is used in application areas where large volumes of data are processed and accessed by numerous users simultaneously.

Replication of data automatically helps in data recovery if database in any site is damaged. This is not feasible in centralized systems. However, in distributed databases, the work simply requires adding new computers and local data to the new site and finally connecting them to the distributed system, with no interruption in current functions.

This demands common databases or replicated databases that should be used in a synchronized manner. In a distributed database, there are a number of databases that may be geographically distributed all over the world.

They do not have any multiprocessor configuration. Databases in the collection are logically interrelated with each other. A distributed DBMS manages the distributed database in a manner so that it appears as one single database to users.