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Nice collection, but I feel it’s missing a lot in order to call it ‘latest’. My Vote of 5 Member Dec 2: Thanks for your help.

Downpoad should write ECMAScript 5 specific questions, maybe even features that are up-coming in next release. My vote of 1 Member 2-Apr 8: Both will call String constructor function You can confirm it by running the following statement: An object is just a container for a collection of named values: I expected some advance stuff here when I read the word ‘Latest’ in the title.

Nitij Kumar Aug 2: So please correct this as soon as possible.

Thanks I have corrected it. Article Copyright by Vikas ahlawat – www.

Html5 interview questions and answers

Member 2-Apr 8: It is not correct to say that Javascript does not support foreach loops. Two variables containing identical objects are not equal to each other since they do not actually point at the same object. Vikas ahlawat – www. If you want more, I have found a lot of javascript quizzes with answers and explanation here: Shemeemsha RA 6-Oct In JavaScript the this is a context-pointer and not an object pointer.

There are two ways to create array in JavaScript like other languages: Since 1 is a stringeverything is a stringso the result is Member Jun My vote of 5 Sibeesh KV Sep 0: My javascript interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download of 3 DhruvSakalley 8-Sep Articles Quick Answers Messages.

There will be bugs everywhere if one is not careful e. Great and Simple Endalew Javascript interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download You state that “there are two ways to create arrays” when in fact you left out the literal way: The math object provides you properties and methods for mathematical constants and functions. Since this is what is usually done I think it is a must in this article. But it should be better Ans: Interview questions are always tough, so giving people the examples of what could be asked on interview or in javascript test is javascript interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download helpful for developers’ community.

Microsoft reverse engineered Javascript and called it JScript. Additionally I’ve think you should mention other ways which are faster, easier to type and more common of converting types. If I interview somebody and he does not know anything about operators in JS, then obviously I wouldn’t hire him as a JS developer.

Girish Nama Oct Since 3 and 4 are integers, this is number arithmetic, since 7 is a stringit is concatenation, so 77 is the result. How I see this is that candidate should be up to date with the current technology and if he is looking to work in a JS required position then I would expect that he knows where it is heading or at least have an interested in its future.

Latest JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers PDF – CodeProject

Beginners search for these kind of questions and aswers when they don’t want to learn the language, but they think they can get through the job interview if they learn the aswers for the questions word by word.

Also you could write some front-end practical tests HTML, CSS and JS because they will go hand to hand with these type of questions and you can most definitely expect them to be asked on real interview. It returns true if the argument is not a number.

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Thanks oddadmix Sep 5: For most programmers who do not care what is happening under the hood the argument should be “will always create the array with the specified items”. The following gives two different results in the browser, where by-default the window object jjavascript the 0-level context: Javascript support automatic type conversion.

Html5 Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers | PDF | Free | Tricky

David Rogers Dev Aug Print third array element document. Juhi Paunikar Aug Please improve the answer to question 7 gwag 3-Apr 1: My vote of 5 Sk.

I would expect an interviewee to know this.