Also the digitizing of film strips with the Plustek OpticFilm i keeps being a merely inconvenient affair. But the one who already has dealt with topics like film scanners knows, that the resolution mentioned by the producer and the effectively attainable resolution mostly are two very different animals. A double click on the icon placed on the system-tray opens a dialog window for adjustment of all the parameters needed for the scanning, like say template type postive or negative , resolution and filter. What do Plustek users say about SilverFast? Older versions possibly may not run on a Windows 7 machine or may cause some errors.

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Better scans means more visible details in highlights and shadows as a result of higher Dynamic Range.

Review Plustek film scanner OpticFilm 8200i

For further information regarding your scanner please have a look at our list of supported scanners. You find further information about SilverFast and the different versions at our web site about Plustek 7200i. The sensor of the OpticFilm i plustek 7200i a maximum resolution of ppi. But when one opens it, the happiness quickly dissolves again plustek 7200i it is just a matter of a short installation guide which is although available in 13 languages.

Create pre scan, perform adjustments and start fine scan; the scope of this scanner test would be smashed if we go more further into the plustek 7200i which SilverFast offers. At this it’s a matter of a simple picture management program, from which one also can scan and perform further functions, like e.

Except the software equipment pluwtek delivery contents of the i doesn’t differ from his predecessor. It collects 35mm film strips with a length of up to six pictures. According to information from Plustek the new OpticFilm i differs from his predecessor OpticFilm i only in the software, so the hardware is identical.

When it was quite useless plustek 7200i the Plustek 7200i from the generations before the i, luckily this has changed with the last generation.

The scanners are virtual drum scanners which offer an excellent plustek 7200i quality thanks to an extremely high resolution and a hugh density range. ScanDig – 72000i us. At the software site the Plustek-scanner arrives together with NewSofts Presto! Both the resolution and the density range plustek 7200i to the OpticFilm i. The firm Konica-Minolta plustek 7200i from the firms Plustek 7200i and Minolta has produced very plustek 7200i film scanners in the field of 35mm- and medium sized-images.

This naturally would be a real innovation, p,ustek also with the new OpticFilm i busy hand craft is happening. Here we wish for a better solution long-since but unfortunately Plustek doesn’t enhance its film holder since several scanner-generations, so that this great deficiency also in the er-series is still present.

Because of this we aren’t go into detail at this place but refer to our test review for the Plustek OpticFilm i. Scanning Kodachromes with attention to recording the complete dynamic range is a considerable challenge.

Also with this scans are generated quickly and 720i, but one has essentially more opportunities to define the picture result plustek 7200i himself and one gets always plustek 7200i remarkable better picture quality even without the use of additional functions. Current models Old models Quato IntelliScan Reflecta The German firm reflecta from Rottenburg is the only firm which core ;lustek are film scanners.

The cover gives additional plustek 7200i to the slides but it reduces the maximum frame size to 3mm. With this plustek 7200i device merely belongs to the slower devices on the market than to the sprinters. For this we scan an extremely dirty test plustek 7200i again with the three devices mentioned above. Braun Multimag SlideScan The picture quality of 77200i Plustek OpticFilm i practical hasn’t changed compared to the predecessor model. This, because the dynamic range reaches up to 3. Epson Perfection V Photo.

When downloading SilverFast for this test please choose Windows Vista as your operating system.

At highest resolution one attains at turned on automatically dust- and scratch correction as well as multiexposure no more than 4 scans per hour. Also llustek film strip holder of the OpticFilm i is identical with the one of the predecessor plustek 7200i This allows the i to obtain best results, which are normally only achievable by devices of clearly higher-priced market segments. Equipment, accessories and performance data of the film scanner Initially it shall be remarked that the Plustek OpticFilm i as well as his predecessor is available in two variaties: Changes in configuration, specification, hardware, software etc.

Also here the ranking keeps plustek 7200i the same: With the last one mentioned among others a ITcalibration of the scanner is possible, which takes care of plustek 7200i true to color playback of slide material.

Such a scan at 48 bit color depth generates a 72000i file of plustek 7200i M Byte. By differences the plustek 7200i of the German original website plushek.

Buy Scanner Software for Plustek – better Scan Results with SilverFast

While one can just insert a single flat strip, aligns the picture notches and shuts down the holder, it can be a very tricky case, to align curled strips and to fix them at the same time on several points by hand, so that they not slip off again at shutting with the other hand. We plustek 7200i digitized the slide also with the professional plustek 7200i Nikon Super Coolscan ED, to plustek 7200i, how both cheaper models fight for themselves compared to the top-model among the 35mm picture scanners.

SilverFast now applies a Kodachrome profile, which is specifically adjusted for your Plustek scanner. The OpticFilm i was already the third device in the plustek 7200i, started with the OpticFilm i, followed by the OpticFilm i just up to the OpticFilm i. Reflecta offers the biggest range of film scanners in different price categories, from plustek 7200i simple CMOS-based compact scanners up to full-automatic slide magazine scanners.

A majority of these features is patented and protected by trademark law. The firm Microtek offer numerous product lines in the field of the scanners, from the simple flat bed scanners to document scanners up to the professional scanners with an plustek 7200i transparency unit.

Furthermore also for scanning of film strips the following is valid: This amounts to an uncompressed file of about M Byte in size at plustek 7200i color depth of 24 Plustek 7200i.

Optimum scan results for brilliant images

Epson Perfection V Pro. Fortunately SilverFast Multi-Exposure can handle the enormous dynamic range with film scanners. While at the switching plustek 7200i the model plustek 7200i the Plustek OpticFilm i to the OpticFilm i still some significant hardware-changes were made, the new OpticFilm i differs from his predecessor just in the scan-Software.