The voltage select switch feature on the computer permits it to operate from any line voltage between or volts AC. Remove the four screws that secure the fan to the chassis, then remove the fan from the chassis. Rotate the drive cage to its full upright position. Remove the security clip that secures the backwall to the power supply. The latest system BIOS can be http: Voltage is always present on the system board when the computer is plugged into an active AC outlet. Pci Express Expansion Card 7.

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Enabling the system administrator to perform this task remotely on multiple computers results in a consistent deployment of, and greater control over, HP PC BIOS images over the network. This lock prevents unauthorized access to the internal components. Insert a bootable diskette into from the hard drive, but the diskette drive and restart the the hard drive may have computer.

Install the serial connector into the new backwall using the two screws that were removed from the serial connector in a previous step. Follow good cable management practices when working inside the computer. Remove the SmartCover lock from the backwall of the chassis using the special security wrench and disconnect its cable from the system board.

Remove the computer cover 4. D—32 Cause Solution It is not properly hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Prepare the computer for disassembly. This appendix contains the pin assignments for many computer and workstation connectors. If the system hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller equiped with an embedded security device, refer to the HP ProtectTools Security www.

To print the manual completely, please, download controllre. Solving Software Problems If you have installed an operating system other than the factory-installed operating system, check to be sure it is supported on the system. To reassemble the computer, reverse the removal procedure. Removal and Replacement Procedures— Adherence to the procedures and precautions described in this chapter is essential for proper service.


To install a hard drive, reverse the above procedure. Press the green drive retainer latch and slide hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller drive forward and lift it from the drive cage. If data or system files are lost, deleted, or corrupted, Backup and Recovery Manager allows you to retrieve data or restore the last good system image. If you install a non—plug and play cojtroller, you must reconfigure the computer after completing installation of the new hardware.

The standard guide screws are silver and are used only for communicatiosn hard drive. Lift the computer of the stand. Computer date and time display is incorrect.

Diskette drive cannot write to a diskette. The voltage select switch communicationns on the computer permits it to operate from any line voltage between or volts AC.

Turn on or restart the computer.

Install the front bezel 5. The utility simplifies the process of effectively identifying, diagnosing, and isolating hardware issues. Slide the new backwall onto the rear chassis 1. Index hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller supply removal and replacement 6—32 power switch assembly removal and replacement 6—26 preparation for disassembly 6—1 hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller removal and replacement 6—29 speaker removal and replacement 6—31 system board removal and replacement 6—34 national keyboard delimiter characters 3—22 notification of hardware and software changes PCN 3—8 operating guidelines 5—5 optical drive Sound does not come out of the speaker or headphones.

Cannot Boot to Diskette. Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics Solving Hardware Installation Problems You may need to reconfigure the computer when you add or remove hardware, such as an additional diskette drive.

This test runs when the system is turned on, checking assemblies within the computer and reporting any errors found. Cables are very sensitive.

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D—18 Cause Solution External speakers See the sound card documentation plugged into the wrong for proper speaker connection. USB Drive Key not found identified.

Preliminary Checklist Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics Preliminary Checklist This section describes some simple, preliminary tests and guidelines for troubleshooting the computer without using the diagnostics. Copying To Multiple Computersand hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller the model number of the computer. Using Computer Setup f10 Utilities 2. Otherwise, the system will not boot the operating system.

Disconnect the data and power cables from the system board. Page Batteries, battery packs, and accumulators should not be disposed of together with the general household waste.

After completing all necessary removal and replacement procedures, run the Diagnostics utility to verify that all components operate properly. Connector Pin Assignments This appendix contains the pin assignments for many computer and workstation connectors. To access the Computer Setup Utilities menu, complete the following steps: HP has made the task of locating, accessing, evaluating, hp dc7700 pci simple communications controller installing the latest support software easier.

If third party memory has been added, test using HP-only memory. You can download the software from The Web site contains the latest device drivers, utilities, and flashable ROM images needed to run the latest Microsoft Windows operating system on the HP computer.