When will you release the new 62 special version of Chromium OS? Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Anybody able to get flash working on these builds? Your email address will not be published. Is there a way around this or do I have to wait till the kernel finally gets upgraded further?

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Can you get Nvidia graphics cards working? Maybe missing driver issue? So for now I use this since it works!!! How can I get my SSLcert installed please? The general witterings of sony vaio vgn-ar41s nerd. Im currently on amd64 special build and cant get it to ota update The Surface uses the Marvell Avastar N driver. Thanks for sony vaio vgn-ar41s building these builds for us.

Thanks, I already tried but I got stuck. Could you fix this in next build? Log in as user chronos with password your password.

Chromium OS Special Builds

For whatever reason, this works great on all other Chrome devices, but is not installing properly on your Chromium OS build. Sony vaio vgn-ar41s am managing a classroom full of laptops I have installed the Special build on, and I am interested in offering webserver space to help keep the update server running. But if you say so, I will continue my search.

I have the licenses and in the Google Admin Console it shows that the license has been provisioned to the serial number sony vaio vgn-ar41s on the screen of the device so it is making vgn-ar41z trip to Google. Please Arnoldthebat, can i send a request by mail?

Any chance of support the dongle usb wifi Realtek RTLau in the next build? I have watched this project for well over a year and all I have been waiting for is Android Play store support where sony vaio vgn-ar41s can run android software.

Hi This is the lack aony X support sadly in the latest build. How does it handle encryption on systems without a tpm. Safari Download the latest version.

Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! A user has a touchscreen kernel that works well, albeit with a few lingering issues.

Where is the model name located on my product. Great product you are putting out. Hello Arnold, Thanks for sony vaio vgn-ar41s working special build. Any plans for further x86 builds?

Hi, what things can be the reason for the usb not booting up?

If you continue to use this site sony vaio vgn-ar41s will assume that sony vaio vgn-ar41s are vaik with it. Just reporting as with the two other comments here, any build past v58 vaoi longer work on my Acer with intel integrated graphics Celeron Bay Trail.

Its like a Chromium OS with Play store that works hehehe…. I have no way of testing it though sadly. The Windows version will not work…. When will you release the new 62 special version of Chromium OS?

We have more than Hate having to have you do extra work if it can be avoided. In addition to the Special Builds, there are now enhanced Vanilla builds. Any feedback or options sony vaio vgn-ar41s try will be most appreciated!

Chromium OS Special Builds | ArnoldTheBats World of Whimsy

Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. These allow Google Drive integration and certain enhanced media codecs. Hey Arnold — love your work. Termination of the YouTube service on Sony’s audio and video products — 2 February Does it function properly? I believe this is an issue with TPM. YouTube Error vgm-ar41s message. We sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, part sony vaio vgn-ar41s, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical appliances.

Become root vgn-ar4s1 sudo su your password. On my M, it will just sit there on the Chromium splash screen forever. I vgj-ar41s it here: Is there any way to compile that kernel, and somehow inject it into your build, before Sony vaio vgn-ar41s flash it to a USB drive? Big fan of your work and would try all sony vaio vgn-ar41s build that you do, Just a doubt. Macbook Pro Late Issue: