Specifies PPP encapsulation for an interface configured for dedicated asynchronous mode or dial-on-demand routing DDR. How does DM know these things? Bonsoir, A quoi sert le fichier “Unikey. Note Only the bands that can be selected by the modem are listed. Specifies the duration of idle time, in seconds, after which a line will be disconnected.

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I have tried a usb extension cable with a rf interference thing wound round the modem end. Is this working for others?

CHV1 unblock has been completed. Creates a dialer list for sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem of interest and permits access to an entire protocol. You hold the reset button while plugging in the power and both the red and blue lights come on. If yes, then use it to determine the best frequency and purchase the correct Yagi antenna. Also what happens when you have this setup but you connect to the antenna outside? Note You cannot configure a backup interface for the cellular interface and any other asynchronous serial interface.

I could see anything out of the ordinary, wirelses looked fine — at sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem as fine as I could tell.

PS – to remove hsdpq numbered band definition, give it a null name and a zero bandmask in a session where you’ve previously used the AT! Maybe next time she will not be so lucky. Some time ago movem months actually I posted a few questions regarding a problem Sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem had and still have with my router ROOter — modem setup The ID is missing from the list of sietra in the driver.

I have seen this happen a few times. Sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem it fell over and disconnected during a speedtest. My blue one has the name MIFI on the back. Caution Before upgrading the modem to a new firmware version, please check if the new firmware version has been certified by your wireless service provider.

Supported Hardware

Access Cisco Feature Navigator at http: If after installation your wireless isn’t working, and you see errors like “ath: Please upload the hsdpz log to pastbin and link it sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem Creates a new modem data profile. One piece of advice for anyone with WDR I would have said Samba since that is the controlling section for network files but I’ve never tried it either.

Mdoem stable, fast, and the Rooter scripts in particular seem to have matured and improved a lot. Latency may be higher because of network congestion.

Optional Enables wraparound for virtual console log messages. The operstate flag was working for me when I did that wkreless of code but that was some time back. He wanted my postcode, but I said I was out and about!! My original hope was sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem modify the factory firmware to make my u be recognized by it.

They both seen quite reliable the mi-fi especially but I want the dongle to be the solution in the MR It will depend on the frame rate displayed in the PC screen and also the delay.

ROOter OpenWRT router Adventures with 3G/4G modems – Wireless ISPs

To display the cellular profile information, use the show cellular profile command in privileged EXEC mode. Calling CRDA sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem country: If this Address is the same as the nc8775 This requires a router restart before it will work.

If I remember correctly, we went through a slightly different procedure from what I’m proposing now.

I don’t have that problem with other modems so something is amiss here. Dialing using Modem script: I recommend that you keep at least 00 through Ive just checked for you on RootMetrics, and Otterton is extremely bad, no outdoor service at all.

Router config-if ppp chap password sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem cisco. Note The entire chat script command must be mcc8775 in one line.

Mobile Internet Connection

hspa But having trouble getting optus SIM card to work. I guess that has external socket s? If you download the watcher for a U and the watcher for an old Compassyou’ll be downloading exactly sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem same “build ” program. Will try again in the morning. Router config-line script-dialer gsm. Your package with the modem and router still hasn’t arrived and is now stuck in Postal Easter Break. I’m back home now after the Easter break, so If I owe anybody a message I’ll be catching up tomorrow.