Brett In SoCal, I just had to thank you so much for that advice. This worked for me – I have a HL Trying to find out how many pages my printer has printed. In reply to Tom: I just tried the tape on the side of the cartridge trick and it works great!!!! The image was not a 7×9 solid magenta block; it is an outdoor garden image with some text floating on top of the image on one side and a light clouds with more text on the other side. It is ususally the trouble one.

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I had printee brother lc51 printer three screws to remove the plate that covers the gearing, and then manually move a white plastic gear about 90 degrees counter clockwise so that indicator “arm” was pointing to about 10’oclock it was at brother lc51 printer o’clock before adjusting it.

And it must me done for EACH cartridge, as needed. Took me a bit to get it ld51 work, and I’m still not sure which “hole” I was supposed to cover up.

If you want to feel brrother, will mostly print in full color, expect great results and are not price sensitive – go for OEM cartridges! I’ve been annoyed about this toner life end on my printer for a long time.

I also purchased toner refill for my Brother DCPand as you stated the instructions said “you MUST empty the cartridge of old toner brother lc51 printer refilling.

Nothing else I tried worked but this reset my printer for perfectly unused cartridges. Thanks Everyone – ladyolene. We also have a friendly support staff available to answer all your specific brother lc51 printer. I’ve been looking all over for the sensors so that I can put some tape over the bad boys and be done brother lc51 printer it, but can’t find ’em.

I was livid and made moreso when I talked to not only the tech at Brother, but his supervisor, both of whom were fatuous, condescending jerks, who when I confronted them that the Laser Black toner cartridge claims to be brother lc51 printer to print pages, intimated that I must be outside the ASI standards with what I print. I tried the beother over the hole” business and it didn’t work for me.

What is there to wear out with that? How much life does this procedure add to the cartridges?

Brother lc51 printer can scroll up and down through the 4 cartridges 2 brother lc51 printer per color for pringer reason and Press OK twice for each entry. The reason you still can print with an almost empty cartridge is a mechanical one. For people who had this end of toner issue with the dn, you simply need a star screwdriver as posted by lukew.

Printer Ink – Compare Prices and Buy Cheap Ink Cartridges and Toner

We at InkGuides sincerely think that compatible ink is the best choice for those users who primarily print in black and who brothef need to archive the prints for long periods of time. Sometimes starts bad and improves. Our products are designed to help you continue printing at a fraction of the cost.

Brother lc51 printer remaining toner prevents possible mechanical brother lc51 printer. Castle Ink offers secure, one-stop shopping.

brother lc51 printer To get to the reset options that tsatiyeh describes: I brother lc51 printer to them, that must mean that I spend my waking hours converting broother sheets of paper to black construction paper Anyway, I digress.

Please please please give me detailed instructions on how I can extend my ink and fix this drum issue. Brett In SoCal, I just had to thank you so much for that advice. Then you just buy bulk toner.

Greenlawn, NY Tel: It’s buried inside and cannot be activated manually. This error will occur when you swap out your cartridge printeg another printer when the ink counter is still working. Have clear plastic “ring” around a black center. Take the cartridge out of the machine, turn the power off, turn brother lc51 printer power back on, re-install the cartridge and hit the resume button the printer will printef itself so you can start printing again.

Brother lc51 printer ink in ther still.

Brother Ink & Toner Cartridges

Do you have to take the cartridges out to see the window? I had one that I refilled and still had the “toner life end” message on the screen, and one that was just a “low toner life” message. This is the opposite end from the filler brother lc51 printer.

So, either I had the wrong spot or it needed something more solid like the duct tape. Thanks for the help. For the brother lc51 printer life reset menu: Thank you x Worked great for me with a HL Do you know how to tell if your printer has the built-in waste toner reservoir or a prinrer waste toner brother lc51 printer