Once again, thank you for a very usable tutorial! Realizing this may be an issue with a used bulb, I wonder what your thoughts would be on that. Anyway I got it done. Allende December 21, I noticed a sound like gas coming from the back-light. Thanks for the help. I just finished and the screen looks great!

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They are inexpensive and will save trouble in the long run. Replacing the LCD screen looks less complicated.

Happy to have my old Thinkpad back. Did you try replacing inverter before replacing backlight lamp? First, this website is great. Before going further in my repair process, does anyone know if a faulty CCFL can cause overheating, or is packard bell easynote e6310 vell a bad connector, and can it cause the inverter to die? These days new laptop screens are not expensive. That would be my recommendation.

Before putting everything back together, I tested and sure enough, everything worked fine. As I said, try reducing the screen brightness and see if the noise goes away.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

I have a Gateway GZ, sometimes my screen goes out when I easymote using it. UTAH June 9, The Vostro had a cracked screen. Also the metallic reflector is somewhat bended after I dismantled it not read your stuff upfront: Also on some LCDs samsung paxkard example you can remove the lamp without removing the header board first. Hi How can i tell if its the back light or the inverter that is the problem? Auser, Have you check LCD screen packard bell easynote e6310 settings?

I did not count but what you see in this picture is maybe three layers. Access and back packard bell easynote e6310 all personal files. Does a replacement LCD screen come with the back light built in it? Steve, test the inverter first.

I sent the board back and during the transit they sent e310 another board. Oh by the way the old screen was lighting up before the screen was replaced. Magoo December 27, Probably the backlight not seated correctly.

I figure maybe it the connecting wires got shorted. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. There will be many latches on all sides of the frame, you can unlock them with a small screwdriver.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL) | Laptop Repair

Hello, I try to describe my problem in English. Despite many waits for parts, waits after realization that I need another part, etc. Not sure about your laptop, so go through the BIOS packard bell easynote e6310. What do you think? Did you transfer the video cable too? Obviously it looks fragile but even the pressure to remove the rubber insulator could snap packard bell easynote e6310.

Do you have picture on packard bell easynote e6310 external monitor? Interestingly, it was back to its normal, full brightness. Gave me the confidence to replace the bulb and inverter. Another note that might be relevant here. I cut it as close as I could to the original length with the sharp end cutter and resoldered the old cables.

I have found that replacing the screen inverter at the same time will also save you time and money. I have a Gateway GZ Laptop with wireless,3.

Is there anywhere that i may get a replacement for a vaio FZ11Z? Got the parts for FREE! The only comments I have are that you really have to open the screen with a devil may care attitude. Drew May 16, Sorry, cannot give you a better solution. Here I had a problem as the white end was partly destroyed near the solder as it had been bent few packard bell easynote e6310 too much.

It came to a point where it did not work at all, but I could still see the dimly lit screen. Thanks for the info. Need some cotton gloves, I guess. Black screen but you packard bell easynote e6310 see a faint picture if you light the LCD with external light.