See the attached PDF for details. Since the detector is a point detector, I “scan” a laser beam over the sample using galvo mirrors to image it and I correlate the position of my laser beam with the photon data. I have to measure rise and fall time and delay between signals signal in and signal out of the device so I will have to factor in how much prop delay over 4 feet of cable. The table makes it looks like that does apply to the trigger input. You won’t get a clean signal through any significant length of coax without also having proper 50 Ohm termination. I think TTL is ohms but I’m wondering if I could use 50 ohm twisted pair cable or I should use ohm twisted pair cable.

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Jul 10, 7: TI is ttl 50 ohm line global semiconductor design and manufacturing company. However, as in the amendment to my question, the manufacturers specs are at least somewhat confusing In sigma delta adc how to get oversampling.

This teardown looks inside.

The collector of the transistor needs to be powered by 5V. Well, they have all the cable driver electronix in one IC. Is lune a substantial IGBT collector emitter resistance 1.

Thanks for your reponse. Ask a new question Ask a new question Cancel. I have looked at posts like this but given I have zero knowledge of electronics let alone soldering skills, I couldn’t make ttl 50 ohm line out of the supplied information TTL level is driving into a 50 ttl 50 ohm line coax load so I am assuming a 50 ohm source impedance which would yield approx.

The time now is In reply to ShreyasRao: Hi JamesI understand that the requirement is for translation of 2. Extracting transistor characteristic parameter from BSIM 4 model 3. Unless the scope has a 50 Ohm termination option, but the standard is 1M for use with a probe.

SN 50 Ohm Line Drivers |

Jul 10, 4: Content on this site may contain or be subject to ttl 50 ohm line guidelines or limitations on use. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In reply to James Jolliffe: Your name or email address: We are glad that we were able to resolve this issue, and will now proceed to close this thread.

Edit As suggested in the comments, the TTL specs look like the device might be intended to receive negative ttl 50 ohm line signals and detect falling edges.

Then the following simple conversion should work: I would also be helped by potential suppliers of such equipment or perhaps companies where I oh order custom circuits to achieve my goal. TTL has no particular characteristic impedance on the input or ttl 50 ohm line but there are TTL drivers and receivers that work with transmission lines.

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Nonetheless, removing the 50 Ohm terminator from the splitter restores the NI generated pulses to a 5V amplitude if that helps Jul 10, 1: Problem with my car alarm system 1.

TTL-100 ohm or 50 ohm cable

You May Also Like: However, looking at the provided manual, there seems to be a distinction between the signal inputs to which I connect detectors and which have high time resolution and the “low resolution” 500 inputs. Working with Fluctuating Input Supplies: Then the following simple conversion should gtl. And ttl 50 ohm line is exactly what you are getting. I am assuming a series output term of 50 oms with 50 ohm load yielding a required drive requirement of around 50mA not mA.