Are you sure this is video chip related failure? By the way, soldering at home without proper ventilation is not good too. Paul January 22, I thought it was hopeless to try, but it definatelly worked. Yes, replacing keyboard keys is cheap and easy to do. I read this posting and thought, what do I have to loose? Walliot, I cannot believe it but looks like it worked!!!!!

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I guess you can try it again.

Thanks a million, Ken. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. After baking motherboard the video is working for now.

HP Compaq Presario V Specs – CNET

Dose the performance go down? Now it seems completely normal. I then tried the oven method and that fixed it all!! The edges of metal panels can cut compaq presario v6000 video. This disables on-board audio, helps prevent conflicts, and saves resources for your new card. Great tips and great work guys keep going.

After one hour in bubble wrap the laptop started with video. Joe February 3, Select the option that best applies to the expansion card that you will be installing. Darko May 3, Its a pain putting laptops back together.

Dead graphics card on Compaq Presario V6000

Removing the metal heat sink mounting brackets prevents the plastic insulators under them from melting and smelling up the oven. Dan September 26, I m so happy can I call you.

HP sucks… any way how can I test the AC adapter before the frying operation? They both lost wifi, then the screen, the comapq turn on and compaq presario v6000 video right back off. I suggest using thermal paste as well as 2 copper shims one on the CPU and one on the gpu to help disperse future heat.

I think there could be a problem with the LCD cable.

If it works ill try it on the xbox. The IT Guy Compaq presario v6000 video 28, The video had no glitches. Now though, it does work after stripping it and baking itbut there is still something not quite right with it, as it can still switch itself off.

Compaq Presario V LCD Video Cable | eBay

Find a box,like a large fed ex box, that will accept the warpped keyboard. Worked like a charm and I imagine you would get the same results with the laptop as well. This time I put it at degrees and for 9 minutes and I cant believe it worked. Any compaq presario v6000 video fixes to improve cooling??

I had a problem of overheating of my laptop for few days then it damaged the video chip compaq presario v6000 video finally my laptop got dead. First, I would try reseating both memory modules. Mali June 13, Reflowing without using a reballing reflow work station is never guaranteed but using a heatgun is the ONLY way to be attempting to reflow any component without a proper reballing reflow workstation.

Ignat February 9, Open the screen out, and just wrap the keyboard section with two or three layers of foam wrap.