The software on the installation cd seems to be for something completely different so I’d downloaded the bluetooth drivers from msi’s website but still no luck. I have managed to get my PC2PC to work. I can’t figure it out either, I think I’ve tried almost everything. My device manager shows a load of bluetooth com ports and a bluetooth entry in usb controller, but it also shows up as 3 unknown devices. In the permissions dialog, look in the Group name or User name box for your normal account or the “Users” group, and then set Permissions to Full Control.

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In the permissions dialog, look in the Group name or User name box for the “Users” group, and then set Permissions to Full Control.

Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site. I’ve have red a lot of forums all with the bluetokth problems with reinstalling BT dongles! I also tried the downloaded software with no success.

Msi btoes 2 1 bluetooth micro dongle usb driver

Log in to Win XP as Administrator. These come with a cable tethering it to your laptop and although they work extremely well, msi bluetooth usb dongle are not the best solution for in-car use, especially having cables trailing over the dongls when you are driving!

With the Bluetooth Software 1. No matter what I do – uninstalling – reinstalling – trying to manually install drivers etc – nothing works. All you need to do is open up your GPS software and connect on the COM port it has msi bluetooth usb dongle to which can be changed later and you should start receiving a GPS signal providing you are outside!

I have managed to get my PC2PC to work. Log in to Win XP using msi bluetooth usb dongle usual account. I try 3 same bluetolth and all are the same BToes should now work.

When I install software my computer cant recognize my USB hardware. I’ve tried them on XPpro and Win Please login or register. Very nice this sollution, but I’m not planning to completly reinstall all my ubs hubs! To fix this, go into the Bluetooth Advanced Configuration. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem Installed the older software Came on CD all goes well until you restart – computer is unable to msi bluetooth usb dongle usb device.

I’m getting exactly the same. The CD in the 3: Power down the compurer and THEN connect the dongle. In here, change the Exchange folder to one that your account can access it default msi bluetooth usb dongle is to a folder in the Administrator account, to which you don’t have access. I think it’s time for MSI to react!

DriverMax – Bluetooth – Bluetooth Dongle Maker – MSI USB Bluetooth Device Computer Driver Updates

Make sure msi bluetooth usb dongle download and install the PC version. And no I’m not putitng spaces or anything else either. Can somebody tell MSI about this coz their website doesn’t even have an online tech support for some of their products?!?! Continue the installation and reboot. If anyone has managed to get around this please let me know. The blue LED on the dongle is flashing, the manual says on is connected, off is disconnected, but makes no mention of flashing. msi bluetooth usb dongle

Review by Dave Burrows. Save the key to a file, e. Installation Installing the Bluetooth dongle is easy.

Another inconvenient part is that when uninstalling the device does not fully uninstall the device I have the same problem. I post the answer, when I get one!