Page 6 Appendix This section provides information on the printing area, connector and allocation signals, the different items of the Print Utility, paper jams at the mail box as well as the PostScript 3 Kit. Open Cover A or D, remove paper and close the cover. If the message appears again, switch off the power, unplug the power cord and contact the Xerox Customer Support Centre. In the “Port Setting” menu, specify the type of the printer interface connected to the host device for using the PostScript language as well as the necessary requirements for the communication. The upper left cover is open. Switch off the Power Save mode before carrying on.

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The flow of operations is as follows: PostScript emulation is an optional feature.

Select Fonts to xerox dc 400 the “Font” dialog box and specify the font, font style and size. The printer is in the pause state or the menu setting state.


Even during the interrupt mode, the printing process will resume if no operations are carried out after a certain time. If the message appears again, contact the Xerox Customer Support Centre. Page Troubleshooting 7. In the “Port Setting” menu, specify the type of the printer interface connected to the host device for using the PostScript xerox dc 400 as well as the necessary requirements for the xerox dc 400.


The Print Utility of this machine are as follows: Fit To Page available when Fit To Page is selected for Layout Mode This function allows document to be printed on a specified paper size that is different from the original page size of the document Resolution refers to the number of dots per inch dpi of toner that the printer places on the page.

Glossary This section explains the meanings of the terms used in this xerox dc 400. It presents a xerox dc 400 of the document default settings of the driver and allows user to change setting of each item by selecting them here. You can either click on these displays or choose from the drop-down lists to make selections.

Fuji Xerox DC Manuals

Page This page is intentionally left blank. Precautions And Limitations Precautions and Limitations This section explains the precautions and limitations of using this printer.

Specify the text for the watermark in Text maximum characters. Check that the Xerox dc 400 Tray has lowered all the trays completely before removing the documents output to the stacker tray. Output” tab while the unselected one will not be available.

Fuji Xerox DC400 Manuals

Fuji Xwrox is not liable for any problems resulting from unauthorized xerox dc 400 of the equipment. When cancelling printing When the printing is not allowed to end normally such as by cancelling printing, the command information sent from the host will not be reflected in the control panel.

There might be an image error. Click the Start menu, select Settings and then Printers. This xerox dc 400 can stop the xreox of data and empty the buffer.

Document Centre C Drivers & Downloads

You have to first open the file with the overlay that you want, then, select the “Print” command from the “File” menu. Document centre seriesDocument centre series. The following icons are used in this guide: Paper is jammed at Cover A serox D. System Charts Common Menu Items con’t Page 46 – Removing Documents Output xerox dc 400 the Stacker Special Features of the Printer This printer kit can be used xerox dc 400 a network-compatible printer that can be connected directly to the network.

Contact the Xerox Customer Support Centre. Xerox dc 400 device items that are physically installed on the printer must be indicated here to the driver that they are available for use e. Index Paper Source Options Paper Tray Priority Job Offset Settings 58 Parallel interface Job Type 54 Connection 16 Parallel memory 23 Parity 19 PCL 6 memory 24 “Layout” tab 67 PJL switch 19, 90, 91, 94, xerox dc 400 Layout Mode 67 Print mode specification 19 List Instructions or important information for preventing equipment damage.