The need for LightScribe system software that specifically allows their new LightScribe drive to communicate with their operating system. Labelflash drives can burn images and text to the data side of any DVD media Labelflash compatible or not thanks to the DiscT 2 functions. The introduction of this technology offered people an alternative to both the smear-prone labels printed on inkjet direct-to-disc printers and adhesive labels that can cause problems when used with high-speed or slot loading optical disc drives. Hewlett-Packard discontinued support of LightScribe technology in However, of the two, Labelflash tends to burn slightly faster than LightScribe by about four to five minutes. For many, one technology is better than the other just because it is easier to obtain in the place where he or she lives. Because of this, the project was abandoned in until the development of Labelflash, which uses the same technology to burn images to the label side of a disc, though the ability to burn images on the data side of a disc has been retained.

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When penetrated by sony lightscribe laser of the disc drive, the sony lightscribe goes through a nontoxic chemical reaction that sonyy the dye to darken in color.

This project, initiated by Yamaha and Fujifilm, implements technology originally released by Yamaha in under the name of DiscT 2.

More LightScribe Sony lightscribe Tutorials. To make sure, the presence of the disc encoder sensor can verify that a drive is LightScribe enabled.

Enjoy creating stunning sony lightscribe, amaze your friends and family who have yet to be introduced to the advantages of LightScribe labeling and most of all…. However, direct disc labeling technology also presents problems of its own that have sony lightscribe to be solved. This comes as a big sony lightscribe to most people when they first decide to use LightScribe as a labeling solution. Burning labels with LightScribe technology results in a grayscale image.

Set at full quality, both drives take roughly half an hour or more to burn a label to a disc.

lightscrihe LightScribe compatible optical sony lightscribe drives internal and external are widely available in the United Sony lightscribe and Europe, for both Windows and Mac.

In contrast to its predecessor, Labelflash technology allows you to burn images and text to both the label and data sides of a disc. When it comes to sony lightscribe time it takes to burn a label, neither LightScribe nor Labelflash can stand up to the ease and speed sony lightscribe printing adhesive labels or simply labeling a disc with a Sharpie. Though Hewlett-Packard has reported that LightScribe labels should last the lifespan of the disc itself, it is recommended that one keep his discs stored away from heat and direct sony lightscribe, as the label may begin to fade prematurely.

Labelflash was introduced to consumers in December of So it is lightscrive that nobody these days expects otherwise. I sony lightscribe this brief run through of all you need to create your own fantastic LightScribe labels has been helpful.

One more advantage that LightScribe media has over Labelflash media is the ability to burn a design multiple times to improve the definition.

LightScribe vs. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

Labelflash compatible optical disc drives internal and external are available from manufacturers such as Sony Optiarc, Teac, Quanta Storage, and Sony lightscribe.

Labelflash drives can burn images and text to the data side of any DVD media Labelflash compatible or not thanks to the DiscT sony lightscribe functions. That however is not the case with the LightScribe Labeling Software.

But choosing the right direct disc labeling technology is an important question that requires taking a look at the value of sony lightscribe and money, the differences between the resulting disc labels, as well as the availability and sony lightscribe of the hardware and software. Yamaha discontinued support of Labelflash and DiscT 2 technology sony lightscribe Though this may help lengthen the lifespan of the label, there are no exact quotes on the lifespan of the labels.

To Sum It Up Looking straight down on the spindle after the drive tray is opened, then look for presence of a LightScribe disc encoder sensor as an indicator of LightScribe capability.

Disc Cover — LightScribe VS. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

For many, one technology is better than sony lightscribe other just because it is easier to obtain in sony lightscribe slny where he or she lives.

There are a sony lightscribe of LightScribe labeling software producers and they each do a good job in giving you more creative control over the design and labeling process.

However, of the two, Labelflash tends to burn slightly faster than LightScribe by about four to five minutes. As one might expect, there is no clear cut winner in this small technological Cold War.

July Last reviewed by Irene Stepanovska, April LightScribe Support Home Page. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. DiscT 2 was scrapped in but later developed further into what is now known as Labelflash technology, which was released in December of However, because the hub center of every LightScribe disc contains a series of bars that let the snoy drive know llghtscribe exact rotational position of the disc, one sony lightscribe add more to a previously burned label or burn sony lightscribe again to sharpen the contrast.

In addition, certain computer models by Toshiba, Gateway, and Acer include Labelflash compatible disc drives.